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It was easier to stay and suffer in private than to try to leave and be humiliated in public.I was stuck in a psychological trap and didn't know where to turn, nobody could help me. Nobody knew I had been punched so hard I was almost knocked out.Physical abuse is dangerous but psychological abuse is deeply-rooted.In those moments, I desperately needed somebody who understood.How can you tell if a relationship is just normal intense adolescent bonding and or if it has veered into something obsessive and potentially destructive?Parents often think of physical abuse when it comes to unhealthy relationships, yet emotional and verbal abuse can be just as significant. Sign up for Time for Parents, a weekly roundup of all the parenting news here.

All of those times he felt strong because I looked weak, only made me stronger.

(In extreme cases, a person can add a tracking device to another person’s phone without them knowing it.) Changes in Appearance It’s not at all unusual for teens to be interested in their appearance but if your daughter starts to make more extreme changes, such as wearing a lot of makeup, for example, she may be trying to please her partner to an unhealthy degree.

In one case, a teen girl stopped wearing her favorite pair of jeans with a quarter-size rip in them because her boyfriend accused her of trying to provoke other guys.

Read More: Girl Scouts’ “Girl Expert” on How Dads Should Treat Daughters Noticeable Weight Change If your daughter begins a drastic diet, exercises to an extreme or uses laxatives, she may be feeling out of control.

Any of these weight loss techniques may indicate she’s trying to regain control over her life.

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