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And there are no Government regulations covering what should — or shouldn’t — be said in these sessions.

So, what kind of service should I have been offered?

She was openly disapproving when I said I hadn’t spoken to him, and seemed reluctant to talk about any option other than termination. ‘It goes against our very nature to have an abortion,’ she said.

‘There’s a huge danger to your relationship,’ she said. ‘But we do things every day that go against our very nature.’ I asked about medical abortions (taking pills which encourage the foetus to be miscarried).

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Michigan's Informed Consent for Abortion law was created by Public Act 133 of 1993.

This law requires that certain information be made available to a woman who is seeking an abortion at least 24 hours prior to the abortion procedure.

The information is designed to provide a woman with accurate and unbiased information on the procedure she is about to undertake.

The Michigan Department of Community Health has been charged with developing and providing certain documents.

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