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• Authorized representative of OBO and BHA shall endorse approved electrical permits for service connection to the Member-Consumers Services Section (MCSS)/ Member-Consumers Services (MCS) Coordinator. Sampinit, CF1, CF2 HF2 The whole area of Bago City including San Esteban Phase 1, Brgy. The best is usually the northern side, away from the morning and afternoon sun. MCS Coordinator shall check and encode electrical permits for service connection. Carmen, Alunan Relocation Site, Boy’s Home, Sitio Balogo, Arceo, Executive, Carmela de Bacolod, Providence Negros, Stone Haven, Hda. According to statistics, fires and burns are a leading cause of unintentional injury and related deaths in the home and the work place.The new owner/applicant and the building owner shall sign the CENECO electric service contract and have it notarized. • Other requests of the new owner for a change of billing name: (a) With approved electric permit for reconnection/upgrading of service entrance, submit any of the following requirements to effect such change: (1) Lot Title (TCT), (2) Deed of Absolute Sale, (3) Deed of Donation, (4) Deed of Assumption and/or (5) Bank Certification or (5) Letter from the Building Owner to change the billing name of the previous tenant and submit photocopy of Contract of Lease. Valid identification card of the representative; and/b b. For inquiries, please call your CENECO Call Center at telephone numbers Central Negros Electric Cooperative, Inc. Other typhoons also contributed their share to the damage and to the losses of the cooperative. • Fill-up the application for service connection form and sign the CENECO electric service contract. (b) If the registered consumer (electric billing name) is in the name of a deceased parent,grandparent or relative, the applicant shall submit photocopy of death certificate and Affidavit of Undertaking to absolve CENECO from whatever claims, disputes or conflicts in the future, hence assuming sole responsibility for such claims, disputes or conflicts with CENECO in connection with his/her electrical connection. Only the registered consumer is allowed to apply for the retirement of electric service for the following reason: (a) Demolition of house/commercial establishment, (b) Transfer of residence (c) Cessation from using the particular electric service. CENECO Service Installation Inspector shall conduct field inspection. If approved after inspection, the consumer fills-up service retirement form. Copy of electric bill issued in the name of the senior citizen. Authorization letter duly signed or thumb-marked by the senior citizen end-user which shall be valid only for a period of one (1) year from the date of issuance. If approved after inspection, applicant is advised to process said application and submit all required documents. For Senior Citizens Centers and Residential Care Facilities/institutions or Group Homes: a. Aquino Drive to Aguinaldo St.), Riverside Medical Center, North Drive (Riverside MAB – La Salle Drive), Mc Donald's, PNB, DBP, Bank Of Commerce, portions of 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th & 11th Streets and portion of 12th St. (from San Sebastian to Gonzaga St.), Sylvia Manor, portion of City Hall facing Luzuriaga, Plaza Mart, San Juan St. – North Drive), South Capitol Road (San Juan St.-Lagoon), BREDCO, Reclamation Area, Northdrive (from Bat-os to San Juan St.), Bat-os Calamba, Prk. informs its consumers connected to Alijis Feeder 4 (AF4) that, maintenance activities will be conducted on December 29, Friday. Overflow, Blumentritt, Murcia advised that, in the event of any power interruption, electrical switch/es should be turned-off for safety reasons. Blumentritt of Municipality of Murcia, portion of Brgy. Puring in 1994 and Pepang in 1995 caused setbacks to CENECO's efforts to recover. If technical installation is approved, applicant is advised to process the service application and ready for payment the following day after inspection. At this time, CENECO's generating units were hard-pressed to keep up with the load demand of its coverage area. Gumamit lamang ng maikling kawad ng kuryente para sa mga “appliances”). Do not overload your electrical circuits by profusely putting extra lights and appliances.

Also, the applicant is advised that his/her representative or private electrician must be present during inspection of CENECO. Boro-Boro and Bantug, Granada, Granada Heights, Charito Heights, San Dionisio, Capitol Village, Sam Village, Sta. Alijis Road (from Alijis Substation to Murcia and Don Salvador Benedicto), Provindencia Subd., Prk. Gonzaga, Canlaon View Subd., Grandville 1,2&3 Subd., Forest Hill, Brgy. (CENECO) is one of the 121 electric cooperatives in the Philippines. Joseph High School, Villamonte, Portion of La Salle Subd., Chinese Temple, portion of BMMC (Burgos Entrance), Lopue’s East Building, Gonzaga Subd., Morata’s Photography, Burgos St. This is a tool that protects you from a dangerous shock when water and electricity come together. • All electrical outlets and switches should be covered by “faceplates”. • Look for the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC), and/or Philippine Standard (PS) marks on the label when you buy electrical appliances (such as toasters, microwaves or coffee makers) and cords.

SSS, GSIS, Driver’s License, Postal, Voter’s ID, Senior Citizen, School/Company - If the new owner/applicant is a corporation, submit Board Resolution / Secretary’s Certificate, authorizing its representative/applicant to sign the CENECO electric service contract. Clara I (Back of Lopues), Mandalagan Highway (from corner Lacson and Mt. Details of this outage are as follow: advised that, in the event of any power interruption, electrical switch/es should be turned-off for safety reasons. Almost half of CENECO's electric poles had to be replaced or repaired due to damage.

- If the applicant is a lessee, submit photocopy of duly notarized Contract of Lease. Notarial Fee – P100.00 • Change of billing name request shall be forwarded to Billing Section to effect such change. View Road to North Drive), 25th, 26th, 27th St, Convergys and Carmelite Monastery, Sunny Ville, Bombo Radyo Caneland (AIDSISA), Mansiguinon, Lantawan, Brgy. When electricity supply resumes, please provide allowance of about 10-15 minutes before switching on all electrical appliances and facilities to avoid power surge. The work was so extensive that normal operation was restored the following year in February.

• Applicant visits CENECO to process the service application and pay the fees for service connection: - MCS Coordinator interview the applicant and submit the required documents - Personally fill-up the application for service connection - Clearance from Accounts Servicing Division of unpaid account, if any - Clearance from Apprehension Section - If approved electrical permit is Reconnection, clearance from the Meter Laboratory if proper endorsement of previous kwhr meter was made - MCS Coordinator shall issue service order for payment of service connection fees. Beginning July 4, 1984, the Palinpinon Geothermal Power Plant started supplying power to CENECO. Palinpinon not far from Dumaguete City, became the main source of power for Negros Island. (Huwag palitan ng “coins”, kawad o bakal ang mga pumutok o sira na “fuse”.

Payment of such fees is based on the actual size of service entrance wire as shown below. Certificate of Attendance to Consumers’ Orientation Seminar – photocopy c. It supplied CENECO, VRESCO, NOCECO, NORECO I and NORECO II. Gumamit lang ng 15 amperes na fuse para sa mga ilaw). Use only approved types of electrical appliances, and equipment. (Gumamit lamang ng mga aprobadong kagamitan pang kuryente). If you find electric irons, fans, or other appliances faulty, have them checked by an expert and have them repaired at once.

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