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Too lazy to investigate properly, Kyoko decides to accuse the first person she sees, which turns out to be Izumiko.

However, the club's vice president, Hasumi Ōba, proves Izumiko's innocence whilst Rikei uses an army of cats to stop Yuka from abolishing the club.

Itsuki explains how he was forced to crossdress as Kyoko only wanted girls to join the Tenmon club.

After being exposed to another bout of fanservice, Itsuki has a sudden change in personality, becoming his true self. Without the constant medicine doses Izumiko had given him in the past, Itsuki becomes a confident fiend who can make women bow to him with his pheremones.Episode Parody: Fist of the North Star Yuka, who is revealed to be a former member of the Tenmon club, comes to the clubroom to aboloish it.Hasumi invites Yuka to go stargazing with them before making a decision.She later runs into Izumiko again, prompting her to try to make amends with Kyoko.Meanwhile, the school is plagued with incidents of girls fainting, with Yuka threatening to abolish the Tenmon club if they can't prove they are innocent by the end of the day.

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